Long time, no see

Hi! I’m so sorry for not updating since september(!!), but most of all I’m sorry for myself. I fell out of my training and my diets.. I guess I just lost my focus and my motivation. Lately - I haven’t felt motivated by anything at all. I know this is something I shouldn’t say, but I’m not starting my workout full on just yet. My main goal right now is just to lose weight. So tomorrow morning I’m starting a new 700kcal per day diet. I know it will be super hard, but I want to lose weight before starting up again with my workout. I will of couse keep myself active during the diet, but not as intensly as i did last year. So main goal right now - go from 69kg to 59kg. I know, 10kg is alot. But it is an extreme diet, but that’s the point. I will also get a lot more sleep, be more social and drink lots of water. I really hope some of you still following me will follow me through this diet, and see the change in 2-3-4 weeks. I will add more calories to the diet per week. And maybe anyone of you has any excersises that fits this sort of diet? That would be so amazing..! And please excuse my english, I’m norwegian! 


RUSS OF 2014!!!

Hey all! Today was my first day back at school, and it was great! I don’t know if all of you know what RUSS is, but it is a norwegian tradition. It’s also the seconds biggest party in the world (after carnaval in rio). Basicly all the seniors are russ their last year at what we call videregående - but it’s about the same as high school. In tradition the time of russ begins in march-april and lasts until the 17th of may. But in our school we start early. All of the russ gets their own nickname, and are being ”baptized” at one of the first parties - in november. But we do ”russthings” and prepare already now. Me and a group of girls are buying a van (it’s normal to have a car, a van or a bus with a bunch of people and paint it red, blue or black) and we call ourselves (for now) Clean teens 2014! I’m so stoked!! The tradition comes from SMART people who thought it would be an awesome year to graduate from senioryear running around in red pants, getting drunk and having a LOT of fun. 



The Best Victoria Secret Ab Workout by XFit Daily

Do each exercise for 1 minute.

1. Single Leg Drops

2. Flutter Kicks

3. Bicycles

4. Heel Touches

5. Sit Ups

6. Crunch Pulses

7. Oblique Crunches 30 seconds each side

8. Side Plank Pulls 30 seconds each side

Repeat Whole Routine for a 16 min Ab Workout

Totally doin’ this!

(via fitspocean)


Burn Stomach Fat Workout

Sooo today I’ve been busting my ass off and I’m still not done.

I started out with a 10-20 minute run (didn’t time it) and then i did some cardio at home. Then i had an hour break and ate a bit before i started up again with this AMAZING youtube belly and abs routine! It lasts for 40 minutes and i can still feel it in my body!! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE ROUTINE!!!

This is just a pic from yesterdays walk. This is also the last day of summer for me, going back to school tomorrow! Sucks, but I look forward to it anyways! 

Later today i’m going for a long walk with one of my best friends! We walk looong walks everytime we hang out, and I really like that! Later this week I am going to visit another friend and she is going to teach me how to poledance! Can’t wait! 

Have a great day sweeties, and NEVER GIVE UP! 


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